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Just got home at around 3 am with a hickey,
1 hit it with ice for 20 min,
2 scrape with a coin,
The ice will close your blood vessels, then the coin will break up the blood clot and help your body absorb the blood reducing the visibility, when scraping it be sure to pull the skin back on either side and go from the middle out. I pushed very hard and could literally see the hickey being scraped away.its 4:40 now my neck doesn't look normal, but no evidence of a hickey what so ever.

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I have 3 big hickeys got them last night been trying this all morning it's lightened a bit but still jeeps noticable help!!! Wat do I do


My mom taught me something similar. Put a spoon in the freezer for about 20/30 minutes. When its frozen - but not to the point when its sticking to skin harmfully - let it sit on the hickey for a few minutes. Then, lightly uses a fork to rake the blood clothes out so that it disappears faster. Although, it might take you a few tries, depending on the severity.

Hope this helps! It worked for me!

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