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Okay - this is not a remedy. But it's a story I want to share with everyone.

About a week ago, I developed a tears near my genitals. I didn't think anything of it - just thought they were sex wounds from my long-term partner. But, after a couple days, it got worst. So naturally, I thought it was UTI, since I get a lot of those. But antibiotics didn't work and my tears grew and turned into sores. Naturally, I freaked out. I went to the doc's and she gave me a visual diagnosis of GH. Because of the negative connotation that comes with GH, I was very upset when I heard the news. The doc prescribed me Valtrex, and my tears/sores are starting to heal very slowly.

Anyways, at first I thought my partner cheated on me but he swears he didn't but I also realized that HPV could lay dormant for years, so really either one of us could have it. So, after a couple days of research and being upset, I realized that this happened for a reason. Whatever reason it was. Reading people's experiences and stories, made me realize that I am not alone and this is not the end of the world. It sucks. But I'll be okay, I think.

So, instead of being upset, I'm going to start being proactive about this. Start adapting a healthier lifestyle, take supplements to suppress any outbreaks, and be cautious. That being said, I'm hoping this will suppress outbreaks.

So don't be upset if and when you find out about GH. Someone will love you out there. My partner has been by my side from day one, even after I accused him. When he found out - he didn't question my loyalty. Everything happens for a reason, so I hope this story cheers someone up.

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frightened 333

Thanks this cheered me up, I was diagnosed a couple if days ago and I feel disgusting. I'm a good person so why did this happen to me but these things aren't discriminative I suppose.

I don't have a long term partner and I'm only 28 so I'm worried that no man will want me. Its just a lot to process I suppose.



I'll want you frightened 333. I'm in the same boat. Having a hard time convincing myself that I am going to find someone that is accepting. You and I can't be the only ones having this concern, so there must be someone out there who will accept us. Keep the head high.


Hang in there friends it will get better. There is nothing wrong or disgusting about you. There are many out there that will accept and love you. I recommend always being upfront with any potential partner. There will be those that walk away, and that is okay too. Accept and let that rejection go don't dwell or let it break you down.

I contracted GH at the age of 18 from my first sexual experience. He removed condom during sex and I wasn't aware. Every partner I had going forward had to be told. I felt as you do now. Disgusting and as if no one would want me. I didn't understand why it happened to me when I had friends that screwed anything that breathed and nothing... it wasn't fair! The truth is it isn't fair. This like any disease is not about fairness or your worth. It simply happens.

I am now 36 years old. I have had 6 serious live in relationships and a handful of casual partners. All were fully informed of course. I am now married with 2 beautiful children. Neither they, nor my husband, have GH. My husband and I have not used condoms in 5 years. Basically I know my body and can feel out breaks starting. I tell him I'm off limits and take my acyclovir. Once it is cleared up I give it another week before being intimate.

My point... it's going to be okay and you are still the same person worthy of love and affection.


Thank you Niccola for your strong testimony. I was diagnosed about 5 months ago and have struggled with the shame. I have been in a long term relationship for years. I have no clue who gave me this disease and feel horrible that I could have unknowingly given it to someone else. I'm still educating myself. Your information helps me to know that I won't always be a danger to someone in the future. I didn't know that the itch or the creepy crawly feeling meant disease. I thought it was a nerve issue....little did I know. Now I have to silently endure the public jokes from those who think it's funny. I've only told my long term partner. I don't want to face the scorn from others. Stay healthy everyone. God bless.


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