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A month ago, on a routine check up it was discovered I had a UTI, a culture confirmed a bacterial infection of e.coli. Doctor prescribed bactrim but as I had no symptoms decided not to take them. 2 weeks after I started getting the horrible symptoms, I wanted to treat it naturally so I read people's posts here. Follow some suggestions and a week later went to the Dr to get a urine test and it was completely normal, no symptoms and no bacteria ! This is what I did:
Drank 4oz of water with a teaspoon of D-manoose every 2hrs (obviously only during the time you are awake)
Drank a gallon of water
Bought 'Urinary Health cranberry' supplements sold at CVS (bramd name azo cranberry) took 2pills 3x a day

I did that for 3 days, on day 5 and 6 I drank half a bottle of cranberry juice (the real stuff), didnt take any of the pills and did just one teaspoon of D-manoose diluted in water along with plenty of watwr during the day. Symptoms were gone within one day and no more e.coli! It really works!

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