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I started noticing odor progressing. I've had it before and it went away. This time it stayed and the odor was so bad, I'm sure people around me could smell it. I finally got the courage to go to the doctor, she prescribed me with the usual antibiotic, metro something. I forgot the name. I took every pill and the smell subsided. But soon after, maybe a day or two, I still had the watery discharge and nasty odor. I thought maybe the body just had to rebalance, since the antibiotics killed all the good bacteria. My boyfriend couldn't understand how embarrassing it was for me to open myself to him knowing what was going on down there. I refused to go back to the doctor and fork up more money for stuff that wouldn't work. I finally came across this site and it helped me so much. Knowing I'm not the only one who has struggled with this.
I tried soaking a tampon in Apple cider vinegar and left it in for about an hour. I read nothing but good things about Apple cider vinegar. With just one treatment I'm already noticing a change in my discharge. I barely have any discharge. It still smells like the vinegar, I'm sure in a couple days that will go away. But underneath the vinegar smell, I can smell my normal smell. I feel so relieved. I can't believe after one treatment it worked!!!
To help prevent this from happening again I'm taking rephresh probiotics. Thanks everyone for the input. It helped so much!

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How many treatments do you think are recommended? I need to find a new way because it keeps coming back and I'm done taking medicine!! Please let me know if you have any more info! :)


Hi, did you use the ACV at full strength of diluted? Thanks!


I dilute with water. I tried it for three days, but I'm noticing it coming back. I'm gonna try for a week and see if that gets rid of it permanently


I had bv for over four years. I've been to couple doctors which all prescribed vaginal pills and sometime oral pills. Nothing worked to stop the bv. I have watery discharge and a bad odor. Its really embarassing especially when having sex and then when I open up and i just smell the bad odor, and you know that your partner also smells it too. Bv made me less confident about my hygiene and even sometime I stay in to prevent anybody from smelling the bad odor. The discharge is in huge amount and will sometime stain my panty really bad and I find this very uncomfortable. Since lately I've tried adding baking soda to a bath filled with water then stir until the soda is completely disolved. Sit in the baking soda solution for 20 minutes and the bad odor was gone, I am happy to say that there is also less discharge. I've tried this method once and I am going to continue this for a week.


I have had this going on for a week.does this really work


It worked for me for awhile, but came back. Every body is different. You just have to try different remedies to fit your personal needs. I'm trying accuflora now. Hoping I see some results. I'll keep everyone posted


Did you say you inserted a Vitamin C...did anything happen when you did that, burning, stinging, bleeding?


what kind of vitamin c

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