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okay, first off, eczema is an incurable skin disease. I have had it my entire life. It will never go away. You can only treat it by moisturizing with whatever you can find that works or by using a topical steroid. So all of you people that claim it 'went away' must have had something else. Aveeno lotions and oils are about the only things that work to treat the area. A thick layer of Vaseline will also do the trick if you do not mind a greasy feeling. No matter what you will still see more flares.

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kathy anne

your right about it not going away , when mine use to 'go away ' i stoped treating it and it just came back , but when it dose ' go away' a good way of geting rid of the scares is by useing vitamin e oil form tablets rub it on the scares an soone ror later they go away and can prevent excema comeing back


I have to agree, AVEENO AVEENO AVEENO! It is the only line of products that does not further irritate my eczema, and provides relief from itching and dryness aswell. The 'skin relief' line is especially formulated to help relieve dry ITCHY skin. There is also an OATMEAL BATH, you add the powder to your bath water and its almost like a clay consistency, works very well and provides relief as well.


actually, i have excima (hoever u spell it) and my dermatologist told me that certain people DO outgrow it, its just like a phase sumtimes, so DONT GIVE UP HOPE!!!


I totally agree. Eczema does not go away. I have been treating it all of my life and it's still here. I have found the the Eucerin cream (the really thick stuff, not the lotion) has worked best for me. Also, Aveeno oatmeal does the trick when I just can't stop itching.


Honestly, I haven't found ANYTHING that stops the itching or makes it go away permanently. However, I agree with the other comments by quite a few folks Aveeno products work very well to help control itching. I also use Cetaphil cleansing bar and Cetaphil lotion in the jar. (thicker cream)


I would only add that you can find a non-petroleum alternative to Vaseline. It's called 'Un-Petroleum Jelly' & is sold in Health Food Stores. It's made from natural oils (Castor, Coconut & Soybean) and waxes (Castorwax & Beeswax). Much better for you & gentler.

his mommy

yes,excema is an awful skin disease,that does not go away permanently!!!!!!but,try the dermarest lotion for excema,it works wonders for my son,hopefully it will help you too!steroids didnt even work as well on him as this lotion does!and your right again about the flare soon as he gets one i take him a bath and apply the lotion afterwards and guess what?it clears up right away!so, as long as its working for him i will keep using it!try it i'm hoping it will help you also and everyone else that is suffering from excema!!

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