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I have genital herpes and am allergic to acyclovir and the other drugs in that family, famvir etc even at low doses. I recently did treatment for Hep C which, for some unknown reason, caused multiple outbreaks at a time. I was suffering miserably. I started looking for natural treatments and found a product called Surivon from a company in NH. I gave it a try and it worked wonders. The most painful part of an outbreak for me is the soreness and burning when the blisters open. I apply a small amount to the genital area with a q-tip and the soreness immediately went away. It also helped the sores heal faster. I was immune compromised during the Hep C treatment so the sores were staying open for over a week at time (normally they go away within a few days) and this truly helped me.

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wish i had the money

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