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Cathleen Warren

After my third surgery in a very short period of time I was in pain yet again and decided to seek a new approach. I located a naturopathic physician and she insisted I go on 6 capsules a day of high potency chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri). I purchased a bottle of Disolvatol from her office and started taking it around lunch that day in between the severe pain waves. The pain dramatically reduced, and I passed that stone later that night. The naturopathic then set me on a lower maintenance dosage and had me take the capsules daily (2 per day... total of 450mg). 20 months later I haven't had a hint of a new stone. I repeat... NO STONES, and ZERO PAIN.

And here is the kicker: 2 weeks later I went back for another CT scan with my normal kidney doctor and he was stunned. There wasn't one stone, not a blip, not even a speck of stone and the last scan (before taking the capsules) showed a TON of stones all ready to put me through misery. I never noticed that I passed any stones. I guess they just dissolved as has been reported by so many here.

I'm a believer. I used to be so skeptical of anything homeopathic and herbal treatments but I'll never doubt them again without first trying them myself. I also tried ACV and lemons but the acid made me so sick on my stomach. If you haven't yet spoken to a naturopathic doctor please do yourself a favor and go for it.

I'm so eager to help anyone with doubts so if you have questions please place them as comments here and I'll check back to answer. Also I am active in the private group on Facebook for kidney stone sufferers if you are already there.

I won't lie. It made me smirk a little when my regular doctor (who previously said this would never work) had to admit something was working very well and told me to 'keep doing whatever you've been doing'.

I don't know if its possible to post photos on this site but I would love to share pics of my before and after scans.

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Chanca Piedra can also be found at Vitamin Cottage - Natural Grocers and at some Whole Foods from a company called HERB PHARM. They are drops you put in liquid (I use water). Name on vial is STONE BREAKER. Phone number on the bottle is 800-348-4372 - maybe they could tell you where to get them where you live.


Thank you I am looking for it tomorrow, I am suffering now with my third one since 11-1-2014 . I have been sick and on pain since then, surgery at christmas for one, passed the second one just three weeks ago, and immediately have another one I have been working on! I am new to this , but they are coming more frequent now! I will try anything!

Gordon Boggs

I have young friend in the Philippines with what sounds like kidney stones. I don't think she would find the medicine you spoke of. And on a income of $4 a day and barely eating she could not afford buying it. What can you recommend she do.
Thank you.


Hi Cathleen - I noticed your post was from 2 years ago so I can only hope that you will somehow see this all these years later! My question is this: how large were your hubby's largest kidney stones? I fear taking this product due to my stone being so very large. The scan says it's 2.5 x 2.3 cm (NOT millimeters!) That's HUGE! I find it hard to believe that this product can break down a stone so large. It would help to read of someone who did have positive results with large stones! Tks!


Cathleen - sorry I goofed saying your "hubby's largest stone..".. I'd forgotten it was YOUR stones that were eliminated. Hope you are still doing so well! Pls update!


You can buy Disolvatol from


Hello Lynn- I'm going to try it for my stones and will let you know what happens. My stones are also huge (1.4cm and 1.1 cm). I've had them for 25 years and had 2 surgeries that did not help. My doctor wants me to have another surgery ( one that did not work before) and am hoping for a miracle with this. Worse that can happen is it does nothing.


hello where can we buy chanca piedra?

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