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Hi. Im just asking a question please leave a comment if you know what am i experiencing now, bcoz idont know where i am going to ask this thing.
Im 15 yrs old when i first experienced the itching, and im sixteen now . I dont know if I have Yeast Infection or BV. It is very itchy sometimes especially if i dont change my panty. my vagina gets abrasion easily when im washing it, so when i used soap or peeing it is hurt, It is smelly, and my discharge is color yellow sometimes white. I consult a OBYGN before but shes recommending me a antibiotics that i cant afford and suppository. Im still a virgin. Maybe it is not a STD or gorronea.. i just want a home remedy. please answer me thanks.

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I never thought I would be rid of BV. I had started to believe it would be with me forever until I went back through my list of remedies again. I had skipped over a few that just sounded in particular was boric acid suppositories. I never boric acid was good for insect control but not vaginal issues. Then I ordered some from and tried them. The next day I shed a tear because they worked so wonderfully. The capsules also contain 2 drops of coconut oil to soothe the tingle from the tea tree oil. I swear by them and have added them in my weekly hygiene regime.


Lilibels, hi sweetie. If your Dr. prescribed antibiotics (more accurately, an antifungal, most likely Metronazidole of Flagyl), then you have BV (bacterial vaginosis). It is not abnormal and happens in women of child-bearing age and doesn't necessarily have anything to do with sex. It is important to make sure it is BV and not a Yeast Infection because the treatments are different. But if it is BV, and you can't afford the medication, if you can have your mom or dad take you to Walgreens, buy Nature's Recipe (might not be the right name of the brand) Vitamin C with Rose Hips. It should cost like $5 for 100 pills, uncoated. They will feel a little rough and will be white. They are not capsules you can open or squish. They will be hard. This is going to sound strange, but it works. Make sure you ask your mom before you do this. Take one of the pills and insert it into your vagina at bedtime. It will dissolve and fight the bad bacteria and balance your pH levels. Your BV will probably be gone the next day, but do this for 3 nights in a row, just incase. It may burn the first time, but that is the Vitamin C killing the bad bacteria. Eat more yogurt with a lot if acidophilus and probiotics too. It helps (yogurt also cures yeast infections, so bonus).


Quit using soap, most soaps hurt the ph of the vagina and makes the problem worse just use a warm wet wash cloth and a gentle scrubbing. Wether the problem is bacterial or fungal what has helped me is plain yogurt injected with a syringe (no needle) into your vagina, also hydrogen peroxide prior to the yogurt if the yogurt alone is not working. Eating yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchee and drinking kombucha tea helps to maintain healthy micro organisms throughout the body. Ps be absolutely sure to wipe front to back after going to the restroom.


Why do i keep getting bv , i was prescribed with the cream and pills and nothing seems to work . Is there something else i csn dontonget rid of it. I dont like yogurt. Somebody help!!!!

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