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A Caring Person

I know you are in pain and desperate. I have been in your position multiple times, and almost died from sepsis because I made the wrong decisions.

DO NOT POP THE ABSCESS, this can kill you.
DO NOT USE A HOT COMPRESS, this will spread the infection.

What to do:

Step 1: Find out where the abscess is and keep your mouth clean.

Step 2: Antibiotics
They are a must in this circumstance. Killing the infection is what will give you the chance to save up for the NECESSARY EXTRACTION.
Take all of them as prescribed.
There are no real ifs ands or buts about this step, do as much as you can to at least get to a clinic capable of prescribing them. The antibiotic will ultimately reduce swelling and pain.

Step 3:Planning
Assuming the infection subsides it WILL come back because the structural damage to your tooth will not heal. The time frame this can happen can be anywhere from a few days to years. DO NOT BANK ON LONG. Look into dental schools and discount plans. Call dentists in your area and find the lowest price possible.

Step 4: In case Abscess Returns
What i recommend is remembering the doctor and type of antibiotic you are first proscribed. This will allow you if necessary to take another type and fight another round of bacteria.

Save up as quickly as possible. I'm not in the dental business I gain nothing from this but the knowledge it can save lives. I just realize the blunt truth, Even if natural remedies kill one infection the real problem persists.Cut it off at the source as quickly as possible by seeing a dentist.

-Increase/Adjust Brushing Habits
Why: This basic premise of dental hygiene helps cut off the infections food supply and helps prevent future infections while you save up.
-Salt Water Rinses
Why:This not only helps fight pain and the infection as a rudimentary anti-bacterial it also removes much of the food the bacteria need to survive.

Process: Using warm and VERY salty rinse for a minute or so and let sit.

When: When you wake up, when you fall asleep, after meals and drinking other beverages and as needed for pain.

Why: While not being completely sterile mouthwash will kill many bacteria that will distract your mouths immune system from the one we actually need to fight.
Like the above keeping your mouth clean from now on is the #1 goal.

Process: Rinse and let sit

How often: same as salt water rinse

-Anti-inflammatory Over The Counter Pain Reliever
Why:The anti-inflammatory part is what you need. DO NOT USE ASPRIN. Common over the counter drugs include Aleve, Ibuprofen,Motrin etc. This will reduce the swelling and pressure on your gums and reduce pain.
Process: Take with water as prescribed on bottle. In limited quantities it may be safe to use slightly more than prescribed. Limit your use of these though to when necessary, the can damage your liver.
- Cold Compress
Why: A cold compress restricts blood flow reducing swelling and may reduce pain without giving the bacteria access to the soft tissues of the cheek like a hot compress does.

How Often: As needed for pain.

-Stay Hydrated
Why: Being dehydrated prevents your body from fighting infection. Drink water.

Why: Garlic is a rudimentary antibiotic and antiinflammatory. It contains a chemical compound called allicin which is distantly related to penicillin and has been proven to fight minor infections and boost your immune system in general. Raw it also acts as an antiseptic and pain reliever.

1.) Increase your use of garlic in your diet/start taking garlic pills.
2.) Raw Garlic
-To use raw garlic as a pain reliever, mince raw garlic and lightly place near/on abscess (whenever acting near this area handle with care).Hold in mouth for as long as possible, it will burn. You should begin to feel relief nearly immediately to some degree. If you spit out the garlic depending on how long you first had it in your mouth you may be able to reuse it another time.
Repeat for about one cloves worth of garlic.

How often: I use the raw garlic when I wake up, in the middle of the day, and before I go to bed. However you may use it as needed for pain.

-Cloves/Clove Oil
Why: Cloves have shown preliminary anti-inflammatory results which reduces swelling and reduces pains.
Process: Depending on whether you use ground clove or clove oil take one of 2 approaches.
Apply a few drops onto q-tip and place lightly on abscess. Again, handle with care.
How Often: Not recommended more than a few times a day.

Ground Cloves
Apply ground cloves to abscess lightly or add to salt water rinse. Brush teeth after each use.
How Often: Not recommended more than a few times a day.

-Cinnamon and Turmeric
Why: Both of these spices have shown anti-inflammatory results in preliminary research. Use of these spices may help reduce swelling and pain in the abscessed area.

Process: Increase consumption of these spices, avoid cooking them.
Apply ground to the abscess lightly or suspended in salt water rinse. Brush after each use.

How Often: Recommend a few times a day.

-Green Tea
Why: Green tea is another rudimentary antibacterial containing a number of chemicals that fight infection.

Process: Increase consumption of green tea.

As a topological anti-bacterial.
-cut green tea bag in half and roll the part with the leaves into a smaller area.
Apply lightly on abscess (handle with care) overnight.

How often: Every night until infection subsides.

Other Methods:
-Alcohol, kills bacteria and relieves pain temporarily
-Tobacco, smoking it while increasing total bacterial load reduces pain. Applying topologically, while carcinogenic will also reduce swelling.
-Prescription/Alternative Pain Killers

A change in diet is recommended in a number of ways.
-Reduce sugar intake, sugar is an essential food for bacteria
-Increase the following into your diet:
-Garlic, coconut oil, ginger, lemons, horseradish, pineapple, honey, and cabbage all of which are positive for your immune system.
-Increase consumption of Fermented food and other probiotics

Stay safe!

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I popped my abscess when I was locked up
the only Choice I had but all I did was rinse and brush my teeth daily after every meal but I also took a piece of paper towel or napkin.n folded it to fit in my mouth were the abscess was at I kept it for couple hours to let whatever let puss was in t drain in the paper towel or napkin. even when I went to sleep I slept with a paper towel or napkin in till I woke up in the morning to clean out my mouth this help me a lot as long as you no what to do you'll be fine you would have to swallow quite a bit to harm you but other than that take antibiotics


The information provided in this posting is dangerous and may have long term negative consequences.First, extraction is not the only option. Typically a root canal may be done first. A preferred, but less lucrative option for the dentist, is to incise the abscess allowing it to drain. Antibiotics are also usually preferred to help with the elimination of the offending bacteria. This is essentially the same as 'popping' the abscess. A dentist might also scrape the tooth to clean its surface. Cleaning with a salt water gargle is a significant help with addressing the bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide (available over the counter in any drugstore) assists in cleaning your mouth but also acts to debride the area around the abscess to facilitate healing. This is not complete. Just keep in mind that dentists are focused on maximizing their earnings per hour.


Draining an abscess will NOT cause death. A dentist pokes the abscess to allow drainage. Rinse several times is all that is necessary. Antibiotics are a must to eliminate the infection. Fish Mox (amoxicillin) can be purchased at a pet store or online. 500mg 2-3 times a day for 10 days. Go to the dentist eventually to have the tooth repaired or removed. The longer you put off the dentist, the greater the chance to lose the tooth.


Several misinformation in your posts.

The right treatment/home remedy depends on the reason of the abscess. You say do not use hot compress, which is not true. Abscess is an infection, just like eye stye. For both eye styes and abscess hot compress is recommended. Not cold compress. Hot compress might soften the infection and make it drain itself.

And not every abscess is caused by a tooth problem, it can also be caused by gum problems/diseases. In which case you will not need to get your tooth pulled out or a root canal treatment. It's easier to deal with gum-related abscess and usually the pain is milder. You just deal with the abscess pain, not abscess + tooth pain.

Draining the abscess by yourself is indeed not recommended because if the infection gets into blood, it can poison your blood. That's what you were referring to. If anyone reads this, either go to a doctor and get it drained (best option), or wait for it to drain itself. Do not try to drain it with a needle or anything, even if it's sterilized. Antibiotics are given to avoid the infection spread, not to 'cure' the abscess. Once there is an abscess, the only way to cure it is draining it.

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