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MY GOSH ... after reading 45-50 remedies for LICE ,I thought I should post mine here too...might help u guys, My mom used this when I ws in school, I had long thick thickest hair ..and had Lice for was horrible..for me&my family.. I lost many freinds bcoz of this ..Anyways here is the REMEDY - Take 1 piece of CAMPHOR (look it up in google)-it has a strong smell-which kills LICE, crush it into powder,and mix the powder with coconut oil, keep away from eyes-put a shower cap for ur child- it will itch her,cz the LICE will be struggling to death, keep for 1-2hrs and wash off with Good shampoo and after shampoo, massage hair with only coconut oil, to ease the scalp!! I was relieved after this, this will even mk the nits fall off..the most difficult part. (do let me know, if it helps u,as it helped me)

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Unfortunately this did not work for me: I'd ordered camphor powder and coconut oil from a website and tried this for 4 nights in a row (leaving on overnight), plus I mixed the camphor stronger and stronger until I could barely breathe when washing it out. Within a few hours the lice were crawling and biting again. I've been dealing with lice on my own for over a year and literally NOTHING seems to kill them completely - even Ovide only killed 2 of the 4 left on my head. Right now I'm 'doing what I have to do' and spraying pine oil on my scalp to keep the last few left from biting me and, hopefully, starving to death.

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