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I was diagnosed with GH a little over a year ago. Hooked up with my ex after we had been broken up for a few months. Worst mistake of my life. He denied giving it to me. He's a inconsiderate asshole. He is literally the ONLY person that could have. I do not sleep around, and I have only had a few partners in my life. Anyways I went through the phases, denial, sadness, depression. Now I am in a complete proactive phase. I have accepted it. Yet I still feel that there may be ways to better my situation. I have done an enormous amount of research. I have tried the 35% H2O2 protocol. Was strictly on it for three months. But I had several horrific outbreaks. Now I am doing the HSV Eraser by Christine Buehler. I am very hopeful with this. If anyone else is doing this as well, please let me know how its working for you.

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How is the herpes protocol working for you? I've read the materials, but haven't followed the plan yet. Thanks!


I meant to say the HSV eraser protocol!


It did not work. I think if it was done for an extended period of time and not just the 21 days, it may have worked. I am now onto my own protocol. I am doing a month of Zeolite, then in month two I am going to add Monolaurin, then in month three I am adding Lypo-spheric Vit C. I have done a ton of research. I am very confident in this.

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