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Im one of those people who dont have flour honey or none of that stuff but guess what works because I burned myself 5 hrs ago on a pan from the oven and I cried of the constant burning and stinging it was so bad I was dipping my finger in bottled water thinkin I could sleep that way til I came across babycenter and guess what DIAPER RASH CREAM... ! Yes people it does the trick instant sensation... Now I can sleep...

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I burned the tip of my finger on a 400 degree pan ive tried ice, tea bags, baking soda, everything i could find online. Its been 4 hours of intensive pain. I can't sleep and its 3am. I came across this thread and put a few drops of TEA TREE OIL on the burn and now the pain is finally staring to subside! !! Thank you so much for the info! I cant believe this worked so well!!

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