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I have been suffering with strange symptoms over the past several weeks. After finding out my husband was having an affair in early July, I started noticing the symptoms about 3 weeks later. Increased discharge, almost liquid in consistency- enough to where my panties always seemed damp down there. Then I began noticing a difference in the smell. I went from having to no smell at all, to a slight smell to a very strong what I can only describe as a metallic fish type smell. When the smell first started, I had a bought with itching and the discharge got thicker, I thought I had a yeast infection so my OBGYN called me in some Diflucan. Took that and within days the itching cleared up and the discharge went back to clear and liquid consistency but the smell remained. Thinking that my body was just going through some changes (Background: I am almost 30 and have two children ages 3 and 5. I suffer with severe endometriosis and interstitial cystitis, so having issues down there is not uncommon for me) I ignored the symptoms at first and just began taking more care to clean thoroughly down there.

Now, I am 4 months past my divorce and I am considering the fact that dating and things like that will be in my future. The discharge has remained as well as the odor and I know I am going to have to get this figured out before I attempt anything with another man in the future.

After lots of research over the past few days, I have concluded that I am suffering from BV, a parting gift from my ex-husband. So kind of him.

I began taking cranberry, garlic and green tea OTC vitamins yesterday and last night I soaked a tampon with apple cider vinegar and inserted for about 30 minutes (the burn was quite uncomfortable, I will try to keep it in longer tonight). Today I stopped by my local vitamin store and picked up the following:

FEMDOPHILUS by Jarrow Formulas (1 pill twice a day, I am going to do this for a week or until my symptoms start to decrease)

DIGEST EXTRA (The Vitamin Shoppe brand of digestive aid. My research recommended making sure that whatever kind of digestive enzyme supplement you get, to make sure that cellulase and hemicellulase are on the list) 1 pill BEFORE each meal. It is important to take this before your meal, as it will not 'do its job properly' if taken when food is already present on the stomach.

I will continue with the tampon and apple cider vinegar every other night, until my symptoms clear up.

I will also begin taking supplemental letter vitamins (A, B, C & D). I have found several studies linking them all to BV.

Basically, BV is an imbalance in the flow of good and bad bacteria in your lady parts. Every va-jay-jay is different, so every ladies treatment course will be different. I really don't believe there is one 'cure all' for BV, as what is considered imbalanced in my body may not be in yours.

What this site is great for is bouncing around ideas for us to research and if we decide to try them, then we can sound off with our findings. Which, obviously, we all hope if BV FREE VA-JAY-JAYS!

I will update with my progress over the few days and will note if I make any changes in my treatment.

I've read some good things about tea tree oil too. So I am considering taking a bath and soaking for a while each night with some tea tree oil in my bath. The smell of it is so strong, so I am still in heated debate with myself over it.

At this point, I am so ready to not be self conscious of myself and feel like I need to pack extra panties with me just to make it through a day!

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Not today, BV. NOT TODAY!

Just wanted to update on my treatment:

I took one of each pill at lunch yesterday and then again before dinner last night. I did not do the apple cider vinegar tampon last night, I will be doing that tonight.

Before breakfast this morning, I took one of each pill and have used the bathroom twice today. I have noticed a marked improvement in not only the amount of discharge (my panties are barely damp) but also the smell. The smell is almost gone! Mainly all I smell on my panties is my fabric softener and that is a first in a VERY long time! I can still smell something, albeit very faintly, but it much more resembles a normal smell of discharge than the awful fishy metallic smell I had just yesterday.


I'll keep you all posted as I continue this course of treatment!


I have suffered from bv for 13 years now,sometimes I feel as if its something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life! I'm so thankful that I started researching this and seen its way more common than what I thought. The weirdest thing for me is in each one of my pregnancies my bv went away completely! Why is this? And can someone tell me the cheapest most effective way to get rid if this? I'm a single mother of 3 so money is very tight


I know prebiotics and probiotics can be expensive. Prebiotics kill all of the bacteria so a cheap alternative would be soaking a tampon in cider vinegar and inserting it for an hour. It will burn a quite a bit. It helps to stay standing or lay down during this time, at least that worked for me. I was told to do it twice a day for 3 days but when I inserted my evening dose on the first night, I couldn't deal with the burn so I pulled it out and only did it once a day.
Probiotics will replenish the good bacteria. A cheap alternative to probiotics would be yoghurt, lots of it. Probiotics in the liquid or pill form are very concentrated so you should eat a yoghurt cup 3 to 4 times a day. Once the BV is cleared up, you should probably continue eating at least 1 yoghurt cup a day.


I have suffered from BV since I was 17. I've tried everything from A to Z. Some things worked more efficiently than others...some things caused other issues like yeast infections. I finally decided to research the whole 9 for what it is, causes, symptoms, and etc. Well last time I had one I was pregnant and didn't want to take the medicine (flagyl) the dr gave me because it made me really sick and never completely dismissed it. So I did some research on remedies and found tea tree oil. That stuff is amazing for all types of different uses. This is what you do. Take a qtip dip it in the tea tree oil (potent stuff. .don't need much) and rubbed around the entrance of the vagina and on the outer lips for itching and odor and voila in 2 days it was gone completely. odor no itchiness no nothing and like I said I've tried everything. This stuff is freaking amazing. So for those who haven't had any luck give it a try.

Jenny, RN, BSN, CEN, FNE

Soaking a tampon in STRAIGHT ACV sounds HORRIBLE! I definitely would dilute it. I use the stuff on my hair and it really is magic. Try using a Solo cup and filling the vinegar just to the first little line and then the rest with warm water before soaking your tampon or douching (I really do believe it is best NOT to douche at all, though, as you can actually push the bad bugs up through your cervix and into your uterus- this is what PID is). Try a sitx bath instead (couple inches of warm water in the tub with 1/2 cup ACV).Your skin will be soft, too!

Coconut oil is ALSO absolute magic, y'all. Just like the hot sauce commercial, I put that sh*t on EVERYTHING! I even feed it to my dog. Seriously, MAGIC. roll a tampon it it, use it as lube, soften up your frizzy hair-EVERYWHERE.Do it. Do it NOW! I stock up at Trader Joe's. a jar is about $6 and lasts a long time.
**If you are actively suffering from BV use CLEAN HANDS or a clean spoon everytime! Don't contaminate the whole jar with your bad bugs!!**
Also, buy the good stuff (unrefined, unbleached, organic). It smells nice :) You'll thank me!

Probiotics, like everything else that our body likes, work best when you get them from food. So get some Kefir! Lifeway is a brand I find at my local grocer (and I live in a food dessert). It has a wider variety of good bugs (12 different live cultures!), has a greater shelf life than yogurt (because it is fermented) and is lactose AND gluten free for those of you who suffer with intolerance. It's an amazing immune system booster and you only need 1 cup a day (it's like a smoothie!).Did I mention it is YUMMY?

I've found that, along with taking daily multivitamins (hair and nails is my jam)and using these three things my symptoms greatly improve.**Hair and nail vitamins contain chlorophyll, vitD3, Folic acid, and ALL the other stuff I've seen people list on this great site, but in 3 pills a day instead of a handful).

I tell ALL my patients about the Kefir thing and all my girlfriends about coconut oil (I am scary-level obsessed, in case you can't tell).

I also drink a ton of lemon water (because I love it). I've noticed I have only ever had 'flares' after a new partner or when I'm eating really crappily (including drinking ETOH). Think of it as your body's way of telling you it's out of whack. I would guess that many of you guys suffer from GI symptoms as well (bloating, constipation/diarrhea, nausea, flatulence). I promise, Kefir helps!

I apologize if this post seems 'all over the place'. I always get excited to tell people how to get well. It is an ER nurse thing- discharge instructions (literally!!).

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