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Angular chellitis is known to commonly be a mixed infection of bacterial and fungal. So what I've done is kind of a combo of 3 things:

1. Coltrimazole (or another over-the-counter anti-fungal). Follow the directions on the tube for use (it won't say angular chellitis, but they're all superficial fungal infections). I continue it for 2 weeks even it appears that the angular chellitis has subsided long ago, otherwise it could reoccur.

2. Rubbing Alcohol Wipe...this is not a pleasant experience, but its anti-bacterial properties are extremely potent. I like using wipes instead of solution so it doesn't get into the mouth, and I just do it once a day by pressing (NOT scrubbing) the wipe onto the sore for approx 15 seconds. Rubbing Alcohol does NOT have anti-fungal properties so it can't be used alone (same with neosporin)

3. Let it heal! Most important is not letting it split, so keeping your mouth closed as much as possible. Easier said than done...sticking to liquids or foods that you can take small bites and not touching/picking at it helps. Also cover it with Aquafor (or another petrolatum) to keep saliva out and avoid re-inoculation.

With this remedy, chronic becomes mild in a couple days, and mild disappears within a week.

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Using clotrimazole worked for me too!
What I do is I mix some clotrimazole and antibiotic oinment together and apply.
Literally goes away in a day or two!


Just using rubbing alcohol on paper towel or cotton swabs 2 to 4 times a day for 3 to 5 days sends this problem away. If it comes back in a week, you need to just wipe the corners of your mouth with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol every morning. Takes 15 seconds. Problem solved.

Nicole MK

Best cure for me for the last couple of years has been first applying rubbing alcohol to dry the area/clean the bacterial portion & then add the Clotrimazole cream for the yeast. The rubbing alcohol is no fun but it does the job with the cream combo! Instead of getting a bottle I get the 100 pack of prepackaged alcohol wipes from the first aide area of Walgreens so I can put them in my purse. I just use this remedy throughout the day :)

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