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I know It sounds weird, but I always used toothpaste. Just put a small amount on the pimple at night, and in the morning just wash it off with warm water. Sometimes it works over night but it could take up to three days for the full affect. To help prevent acne, I use Isopropyl Alcohol twice a day, it really cleans the face.

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That's funny. I use mouthwash! lol


I've used toothpaste for years. Its great on already formed pimples that you want to dry out quickly


Quicker treatment of fully formed white pimples that do not want to burst by themselves is by softly rubbing a very warm wet cloth over the area until the white comes out by itself. I got rid of three pimples in a hour that way and by next. It leaves the after pimple crust, so dry that off with other natural ways,


i tried that and let me tell you something it does NOT work on sensetive skin, OUCH lol

*crys over acne* (not really)

i heard toothpaste was one of the worst things to put on ur face...what happenes exactly after you put it on?


It's actually not the toothpaste that makes acne go away, but the baking soda. I always take a tsp of baking soda and mix it with a little bit of water and it works justas well but without the minty scent! :]


i love the toothpaste idea! i do it almsot every night. it does burn a little bit but its great to wake up with a smaller pimple!


I Agree With This,

It Really Works,

I Do This All The Time,

Also, You Can Put The Toothpaste On For 15 Minutes And Then Wash It Off, Dont Scrub It Though, And Then Pat Dry And Then Your Supposed To Use Rubbing Alcohol But Using Just A Cleanser Or Anything With Alcohol In It And Applying It To The Effected Areas Should Work.


DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER USE TOOTHPASTE IF YOU HAVE DRY, SENSITIVE SKIN. I used toothpaste and when I woke up I was wondering why my face hurt so much. I washed my face and it burned!! The toothpaste actually ate through a couple layers of my skin!! When I washed it off, I was left with red, open sores! I had to go to work and you can cover up pimples, but you cant cover up exposed flesh! Don't do it!


This is really a funny remedy, but it works! I once had a really big pimple on my face, and I decided to try some toothpaste on it, since I figured I had nothing to lose. I put it on before I went to bed, and when I got up the next morning, it was almost gone!

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