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Have someone pull your hair by starting slowly at the back of the neck and grabbing as much hair in two fistfuls close to the scalp.

Pull for 3 seconds and release, slowly working your way up to the forehead, releasing and grabbing the next batch of hair with both hands and so on.

Then work backwords along the sides of the head to the rear.

This will alleviate pain for about 10 minutes.

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This method works. And even if it didn't... you would still feel really good from doing this. It makes the intense pain go away for a little... but if you have someone else do it for you, you probably will feel asleep to it. Meaning that by the time you wake up, your headache will not feel as bad.

Make sure not to have your hair yanked... only pulled (slowly and hard... if you are comfortable with it).


This does work! I do it all the time.


It also works if you put your hair in a ponytail and pull the ponytail

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