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VANILLA EXTRACT!!! No kidding, my 11 year-old daughter had a horrible tooth-ache and nothing was working! Then my lil sister said that I should try vanilla extract. So, I put some on a q-tip and literally secs later no pain at ALL!!! And let me tell you that when I say that she was literally screaming in pain! Before trying ANYTHING else try this! Good luck!

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My teeth is really aching very badly I tried most things such as the ice etc but nothing Is working it is asbloteuly killing me worst pain ever in my life!!! I won't be able to sleep like this and I'm only 15 can someone give me a tip I could use that would stop it straight away pretty please worstest pain ever !!


I have to say that this one really work,my 24 yr old was up for hours on a Sunday morning in pain crying.I looked on line for any advice and found this literally minutes her pain was gone.7hr later she's still pain free.thanks for this one!!!!


Vanilla extract was a lifesaver. I WILL sleep tonight.


Clove oil.....then extract if neither works alone. Works for me.

stanley davis

The vanilla extract took my pain away alot really everyone ur vanilla extract u only alittle bit

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