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VANILLA EXTRACT!!! No kidding, my 11 year-old daughter had a horrible tooth-ache and nothing was working! Then my lil sister said that I should try vanilla extract. So, I put some on a q-tip and literally secs later no pain at ALL!!! And let me tell you that when I say that she was literally screaming in pain! Before trying ANYTHING else try this! Good luck!

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Thank you so much for this site. But before that I would like to say thank you Jesus for this toothache that is gone even if it's temporary!! To whoever suggested the vanilla extract thank you so much !!!! It worked almost immediately I hope it will work for a while but I am so relieved right now I am so thankful ! For everyone with an ache I pray we all get well


I have been have the worst pain possible. On a scale from 0-10 I was an 100. The vanilla extract Really works.


I have had tooth ache wit alot of pain 4 bout 3 weeks on and off, some days were much worse then trumped all days...omg...I just want to die right now my tooth took a major turn 4 the worst...I have a emergency dentist appointment that I was fortunate to make for tomorrow morning at 11:30 am, but that does nothing 4 me right now...Ive tried the vanilla extract n it did work, but only for a very short time..maybe 2-3 minutes at most, then the pain came right back...please someone help me...I have prescription pain meds for other health problems, and to my surprise, my pain meds arent touching my tooth pain at all n I cant take much more of this horrific pain


Vanilla extract on a q-tip worked.


Thank you jesus and the sister that suggested vanilla extract. I thought I was going to pass out. Thanx over and over...,, the alcohol did the trick


For some reason i cant get the vanilla extract to help. It doesn't work on me :'( and i am in pain now :'( :'( :'(


I love it i've never heard of it till now I just tried it and it did reduce the pain thank y'all very much.


The vanilla extract works!!! I have some in a small cup sitting next to me. When I feel pain, I swish it in my mouth like mouthwash. Now I need to work on this headache that the toothache caused...

Melanie :-)

I feel like I have to take the time to post a comment about this...even though it's 6:43am & I've had exactly ZERO seconds of sleep since last night. I have 2 of my molars that have cracked & broke off, both of them happened to have fillings from when I was a kid & both of them cause EXCRUTIATING pain. I am only 32 & have always had great teeth...but 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe disease/condition, that unfortunately causes me to vomit A LOT. I always try to brush my teeth after I get sick, but there are times I am in the hospital for months because I am so sick & I get sick too many times to count & can't just get up on my own & go brush & it's not really a priority for a Nurse to come help me do that. There have been a few times even at home, when I was just so damn sick, I couldn't get up & go brush. Anywho, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, the acid from the vomit has caused the enamel on my teeth to wear & just weakened them generally. This is what causes my 2 molars to crack & break off. Because I have this severe disease/condition, I am on disability & have Medicare, which I am very thankful for. However Medicare does not cover dental or vision at all. Just like I have to get a supplement policy for Part D Medicare-for prescription drug coverage...I have to get a supplemental policy for dental & for vision. It's already wicked expensive, but when this happened & went to look for a supplemental dental plan & figured I would just have to bite the bullet. Especially after experiencing how painful it can get, I didn't care about the cost anymore. So I went & found some...they were of course SO expensive...but the main problem, is that they all covered like cleanings & x-rays right away, but for any other work, like extraction or root canals, you have to wait 9-12 months, depending on the policy! So, I've been stuck waiting. I have bought every over the counter toothache medicine there is...& up until last night/this early AM, Ambesol & Tylenol or Ibu has always worked for me. Well, as I tried to go to bed last night, I was met with a horrific wave of pain, from one of the broken molars. It was so bad that my entire jaw was throbbing with pain, up to my ear. I tried all the over the counter toothache meds I had & used my entire bottle of Ambesol in one night. That of course made my stomach feel even more upset, as it's quite disgusting & I couldn't prevent from ingesting some of it. I also took Tylenol & when it didn't work, took more & honestly, took much more than I should have...basically a double dose, but I wasn't thinking clear, I just wanted the pain to stop. It got to the point that I was literally in tears & sobbing. I am used to dealing with severe pain because of my condition...but this knocked me down good. It got to be horrific. That's when I went online to try & get any suggestions I could, to help relieve any of the pain. I found this site & then came across this type, of using vanilla extract. I ran to the kitchen & got some & put it on & within seconds, I felt a wave of relief. It was amazing. This does work! Hopefully someone will see this & try it & get some relief from it! I am off to FINALLY get some that I can. Thank you SO much for this suggestion! :-)

Delores Byng

the Vanilla extract works. That 's all I can say. Thank you so much!!!

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