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VANILLA EXTRACT!!! No kidding, my 11 year-old daughter had a horrible tooth-ache and nothing was working! Then my lil sister said that I should try vanilla extract. So, I put some on a q-tip and literally secs later no pain at ALL!!! And let me tell you that when I say that she was literally screaming in pain! Before trying ANYTHING else try this! Good luck!

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I had a toothache. Not very severe, but quite uncomfortable. I don't think I could have gone throughout the day, school and all. I dipped the q-tip in vanilla extract and applied it to my gums above the tooth. Within around ten second afterward it was gone! Amazing!


My tooth pain was very severe pain meds where not working and it was radiating everywhere causing the worst pain ever a 9 out of 10 nothing was working I tried everything I did the vanilla extract thing and I didn't have major results but the pain was bearable and more like a 5 instead of a 9. Hope it works for anyone else too.


Ok so my husband has been going crazy for 3 days with a toothache. I read this post and told him to go get the vanilla extract...I promise it instantly helped!! He said damn baby I love you im goin to sleep lol!!! But it really worked.


Worked like a charm. Pain didn't completely go away but reduced bunches.

No More Pain

AMAZING !! Honestly works I was taking Tyleno 3 was not working I read this post applied to my tooth within seconds pain was gone


Can u use vanilla essence?


Awesome!! Thanks to Lil Sis for this wonderful remedy. Had major tooth work done and awaiting the permanent crown in 10 days. Tried all the standard remedies and nothing really worked. Q-tip with vanilla worked instantly. Thanks a bunch.


I didn't think it would work but as much pain as I have I was willing get to try anything so I was reading about tooth pain and I seen a post of vanilla extract an I was wondering if it would work my pain was a ten on a scale of one to ten I was literally crying so I get the vanilla extract out and trying it I really really want everyone who has a toothache try this I swear by it small bottle in my purse at all times it's better than anbesol last longer to


Awesome It worked for me!! My acding was gone! It was really bad. The Vanilla Extract REALLY works!!!


I've had a toothache for over a week now, I tried ibuprofen 800mg it's not working. Tried VANILLA EXTRACT and it work instantly

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