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So I was diagnosed with herpes 1 on Thursday....yet have been experiencing my first out break since last I am now 7 days in...I have been taking antivirals and it seems to be getting a tad bit better but it seems to be this a normal part of the healing process? The pain has almost been unbearable and peeing is much longer should this last!?!?

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Take warm salt baths by adding a few teaspoons of salt then when you get out the tub put an ice pack on your genitals and then blow dry and put on loose cotton clothing and lay down. and when peeing, I had to put on rubber cloves and spread open the lips of my vag so the pee would just fly out and not touch any of the sores and then get a cold wet rag and sit it on there instead of using tissue. Also pat the rag instead of wiping it and just do everything you can to stay positive and not stressed out it'll help !


You can google a product called Surivon, it works wonders on my genital herpes outbreaks. I only wish I had found it years ago. I'm allergic to the acyclovir family of drugs commonly prescribed and this all natural ointment I apply with a q-tip takes the soreness out immediately and helps them heal much quicker. Normally mine heal in about 5 days to a week. I had one a few days ago in a painful spot and applied that and it is already gone. I only wish my locally pharmacy carried it and I didn't have to order online. But it works wonders for me, can't speak for others who've used it.


SURIVON worked so well for me too!! omg it's a life saver. Also for Herpes 1 I've used Abreeva and tea tree oil down there and that helps for quick healing and pain reduction as well

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