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I haven't had a blister in maybe over a year. I had one pop up about a WEEK ago!!! I have used apple cider vinegar the first couple of days, dabbing it on throughout the day. After that I started using abreva and occasionally vinegar. Anyway, right now I'm gon through the nasty scab phase. Is there anyway I can get rid of this thing without burning my lip off??!! Please HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!

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I have the best cure! virgin coconut oil teaspoon and tea tree oil few drops. mix together apply every 30 minutes with clean cotton ear bud nothing else. Let me know how it goes


Try Lysol. Spraying the Lysol in a small container then dipping it in a q tip to put onto the blister. If you don't believe me read on the back off the the Lysol bottle in the 30 seconds section.
A pharmacist told me and it works


Lysol does do the job.


Vicks vapor rub before or after to ease the scab and the itching helps bunches

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