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My cholesterol was 250, after eating half a cup of rinsed dark kidney beans and a fish oil tab a day in two months it dropped to 160. It was at 250 for two consecutive tests two months apart befor that.
Worked great. Eating native salmon can be in leu of the fish oil. Good luck and live well.

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-Eat tons of red organic apples.


-Drink green smoothies.

-Eat oatmeal & cinnamon every morning.

-Go vegetarian.

-Eat garlic.

-Reduce & manage stress.

-Use lots of olive oil.

-Avoid caffeine.

-Avoid sugar.

-Eat more super foods.

-Take relaxing lavender baths.

-Google foods that reduce high cholesterol.

-Replace cola with green tea.

-Walk more.


Eat apples.

Eat plumbs.

Walk everyday.

Reduce stress.

Eat more vegetarian.

Eat oatmeal.

Avoid meat.

Lose weight.

Eat more fruits & veggies.

Eat flaxseed.

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