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I'm 31 and have recurring bouts of BV since I was about 26. It's horrible. No symptoms for me other than the smell. I'm sick of going to the doctor and waiting for the test to come back positive every few months. I found this forum a week ago and I tried the following: one bath with 2 cups Apple cider vinegar, another bath same day with 1/2 cup baking soda and one vitamin c inserted before bed. The next day it was 90% gone. The following day: no smell. I still picked up up a vaginal health probiotic at the health food store and started taking it. TMI finally had sex with my boyfriend and didn't feel totally GROSS. We have only been dating 5 months and I've pretty much had it off and on since we started conversations about it...but I'm sure he's happy :/ I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am for finding all of your messages!! THANK YOU!

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Did you insert the vitamin C vaginally?


your post is the most recent one who used the vitamin c. i inserted mine vaginally. it is beginning to burn a little but not too bad. i use coconut oil to help with the sting. but im starting to wonder how long the burn will last & how long does it take the pill to dissolve? i have had my bv for a year and a half now & im so over goin back and forth from a yeast infection to bv. i just want my normal sex life back!

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