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if you have severe tooth ache pain take two ibuprofen tablets and your pain will go away in about 10-20 minutes. But if its not too severe try home remedies and stay away from these damn pills lol.

If your teeth are sensitive don't force yourself to eat regular food, try eating soup or mash potatoes to avoid more irritation. (common sense but we all have our cravings)Also avoid really hot or really cold drinks/food.

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The toothaches I have had haven't even been touched by taking 3 ibuprofen and 3 paracetamol together. I also use Oragel....which STILL didn't touch the pain. The only thing that eventually helped was a dentist :( so expensive :'(. I'd recommend clove oil, 3para and 3ibu, oragel and vodka swilling. One tip....when I had red wine the pain got unbearable so avoid drinking that and be sure to stay hydrated.

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