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Ok so I have been dealing with cases of head lice on and off for about a good 5 years now.. Pesky and annoying. The first time my daughter came home with lice she was 4 and in preschool so obviously she got it from there. I'm not even going to emphasize how much money I wasted on nix, rid, and prescription crap, somewhere around $700. After all that, and still had lice and my mother and I ended up catching it too. So, I sat one day and just googled home remidies for lice and i got this site.. I read maybe like 12 different remedies (dying hair does work the ammonia kills the live ones but I wouldnt recommend dying a child's hair). I came across one that sounded decent and it was the mouthwash and vinegar. I can vouch that it does work!! Cheap too. But it is a little time consuming. Well first you need to get the mouthwash (antiseptic.. Green listerine.. You can get the store brand too but make sure its antiseptic green and compared to listerine.) saturate the hair well and then cover with shower cap. For thick or long hair i would suggest leaving it in for 2 hours only because it has a lot to work through. For shorter hair i would say an hour and a half to be safe. Afterwards have your kids lean back with the hair dangling, i would say into the bath tub, and you just basically shake the hair numerous times, you will literally see the dead lice fall out. Then i would suggest combing through the hair before you rinse so that you can get the rest out that can be stuck in the hair (mouthwash does get sticky). After that rinse with water and wash. Do not condition. Pour vinegar into hair until saturated and cover. Again for around an hour and a half to 2 and a half hours.. Shorter hair shorter time, long or thick longer time. After that the most expensive thing you buy (the nit comb) is needed. Rinse hair and wash and condition. Brush hairs in small parts, with the nit comb to pick out all the eggs. Do this multiple times in the same though each small part to make sure you get all the eggs. Some tea tree oil in the scalp everyday afterwards does help to keep them away as does using cocunut conditioner.

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For the part that you said about putting tea tree oil or coconut conditioner in your hair everyday, is that necessary???


My daughter picked up a serious case of head lice, and after using Nix and Rid to no avail, we followed the home remedy of green listerine. I used the listerine twice on her head with shower cap for two hours--upon using this treatment the third time my daughter went into anaphylaxis shock! SERIOUS--LIFE THREATENING! Her symptoms wre dizziness, total red body rash, throat closing and rapid heartbeat--immediately put her in shower with cool water, shampooed hair, and administered Benedryl. Thank goodness my husband uses oxygen and he immediatedly began giving her oxygen and checking her levels and pulse rate. PLEASE< PLEASE think twice and then three times before using any toxic treatment! This could have had a very terrible outcome.

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