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I woke up yesterday with my dreaded twice a year cold sore. I live in New England and typically get them when the weather gets cold.

I have tried everything under the sun...abbreviated, Zovirax, Denavir, lysine. It's always a solid 8-10 day process, and painful.

I'm just here to vouch that the nail polish remover idea unbelievable. I woke up yesterday with the blisters. Last night I tried the remedy. I sterilized a needle and popped the blisters (on 3 different areas of my bottom lip). I immediately applied a cotton pad dipped in acetone, holding it on for about 3 minutes. It burns.
I'm a big advocate of unrefined organic coconut oil, so I spread some on my lips using a qtip. I woke up this morning, my lips moisturized after being doused with acetone, and all the little blisters have turned pink and crusted over. I basically skipped 3 days of the healing process.

Do try!!!

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Same here, I get them twice a year, April-May and October. Right now I have the worst monster scab I've ever had.

It's nice to see all the remedies. Next time I go to the doctor's I will ask for an Rx. I'm 65 years old now and have had cold sores since age 44 and I see now they will never go away. I thought Carmex might be the answer last year but apparently not. And this time, I broke a thin scab into a bloodbath just by flossing my teeth. Horrible, horrible and HORRIBLE big black scab for several days now; had to cancel things and am scared to be seen even walking to the mailbox.

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