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HappyGurl :-)

Hi there, i am a female who got desame warts problem as you do.. I have a tiny little warts on my inside my labia majora and some of it were flat.. Also i got 1 big piece of wart on the upper part of my anus, almost like a piece of corn kernel.. I am like a worrier since i my OB diagnose me with HPV warts last 2012, i got it from my playboy and unfaithful ex Bf... So it means my warts were like 2 years old already.. before i ask my OB if i can burn it, through
cauterization but she told me that i just leave it there for a moments for some warts just disappear on there own and some just stay desame..
After 2 years my warts look different though its not that worst but it makes me feel so uncomfortable at all, my Vagina looks different especially when i try to look at the inside of my labia.. :-( I can see little bumpy warts and it start to spread out..

I tried to seek some home remedies and i found this blog, last week November 1, i went to a grocery store near my house and look for ACV and i found the BRAGG ORGANIC ACV, i tried to grab a cotton balls and place it on the inside of my labia, i can feel the tingling sensation only like a few mins, then later on the burning sensation, Oh my i tried to make the Cotton balls with ACV and tape it as much as i can until i fell asleep but i woke up and go pee and forgot that i have the cotton ball inside my labia, so what i did, i just took it and throw it and go back to sleep.. The next morning i just tried to put in some ACV using the Qtips then during night time again, i do desame thing but the burning sensation is just i can't handle and i almost pass out, so what i did, i just let tits stay for a couple of minutes and take it out again, wheeew! oh my, i thought i did passed out, its so painful.. Now i continnue doing it and its almost a week i see that my warts were turning whitish and some of it turns black, so itchy now, i hope it will peel off soon on my Labia...

What is amazing, after soaking my big warts on top of my anus for almost 1 week, it just peel off last night and its all gone.. Thanks to ACV, hope it will have desame effect on my labia.. :-)

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I had genital warts for 5 years And seek help from a doctor They just kept coming back Read about using apple cider vinegar So I decided to try it. 11 days later all mine were gone I'm not saying that they won't return though but if they do I have plenty of my $2 bottle of apple cider vinegar


Go vegan, drink tons of water, always use condoms, stop smoking if you smoke, no colas or alcohol, drink green smoothies, go mgtow & become celibate, use home remedies, exercise, take warm baths with oatmeal, learn about herbs, reduce stress.


Sesame is not a word. Just show some intelligence, no one thinks it's cute




hi im a 28 year old girl and i have been doing the ACV method for 5 days now and they just started turning really white and hurt a lot when i put the vinegar.
Do you guys recommend the acv in combination with aspirin? i do that too sometimes and also put some coconut oil whenever its painful.
how long will it take to make them disappear?
i also started taking probiotics and supplements with garlic to boost my immune. it is so frustrating and it really made my confidence low.
i cant go on a date anytime soon! hopefully they will go away in a week or so.

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