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I'm 20 and I have been suffering from bv for two years now. I have tried everything from Apple cider vinegar,Greek yogurt,hydrogen peroxide, etc. Flagyl just made me sick every time I took it so I threw my antibiotics out of the window. I finally found something that works. Vh essentials probiotic pills! Seriously ladies this works. After two days I didn't feel the watery discharge or have the funky smell. They also have supositories but they're like $30 and I'm a broke college students so I just bought the $11 capsules. Also drink plenty of water when you start taking them. I also take enchiea(hope I spelled it correctly) pills everyday as well. Good luck ladies!

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Where did you get the pills?


Please give more info about the pills... Who is the manufacturer and where did you get them.


I did try the VH Essentials suppositories along with the Femdophilus probiotic and this did not work for me. I read that the suppositories have changed names from the BV Treatment Vaginal Inserts to the Vaginal Odor Treatment. I am quite dissappointed as this offered no relief- $25 wasted. I hope this helps some save money.

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