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Happy Camper!
So happy I want to share w you guys what worked for me!!
I'm a 21 year old Female, I noticed small bumps around my genitals and experienced bleeding after intercourse so I went to the clinic for a check up. My pap smear came up abnormal with the HPV virus, and I was diagnosed w internal and external gental warts. I didn't bother using the aldera I was prescribed since Itend to opt for the more natural ways of treatments.
External remedy:
I applied a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar and applied them to the warts over night, I burned the S*#T out of my skin that didn't have warts. I still have a cut and its healing but be very careful because the vinegars ssuper acidic and will burn sensitive skin. I tried acv for about 2 weeks, the warts turned white but it seemed like they weren't going away. So I went and got some non coated aspirin.
I got one pill poured acv over it and made it a paste. I applied coconut oil all over my genital area (for soothing) and then applied the paste on to the warts. (Warts only!) To my surprise with in the next day about 3 of them fell off! I didn't apply more to give myself sometime to heal and the next morning a whole cluster of them were gone!! So the aspirin and acv work together and are a very good team to get rid of warts EXTERNALLY. Do not put this treatment inside unless you want to burn yourself.
Internal wart remedy:
Apparently my Dr saw a huge wart inside my cervix which was causing me to bleed each time I had intercourse. She wanted me to come back for a colposcopy and take a biopsy of the wart. Im canceling my appt and will not allow them to carve and take samples of my insides.
Okay so there's this supplement known for its antibiotic power, of course its all natural. The name is turmeric. The more concentrated form is curcumin. I went to whole foods and picked up curcumin supplement capsules. What I did was put some coconut oil in a bowl, broke up a couple of the curcumin capsules and mixed the powder in w the coco oil. I grabbed some aluminum foil and made a mold the shape of a tampon. I made natural suppositories basically... Anyway I put them in the freezer and let them get hard. The first night I put one inside me I could feel the giant wart my Dr talked of. (Insert like a tampon). I did this for 2 weeks even when I was on my monthly cycle. After the first week I could feel the wart getting smaller and smaller. Be sure to wear pads because it will stain your clothes. It is of yellow/orange color. So yeah after 2 weeks my partner and I decided to have intercourse, being as it had been a couple weeks since we could interact this way we did have intrrcouse a couple times that night and it was pretty rough. And No bleeding!! This made us both very happy. For the sake of not spreading these suckers everywhere use condoms! I
Side note:
I am taking garlic and echinaccia supplements along with eating a lot healthier and drinking lots of water! Remember, bacteria feeds off of sugars!! You have to strengthen your immune system for you to rid the HPV virus! Don't believe everything the drs tell you, they told me the warts would never go away on their own and well I'm wart free without any of their help!!

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Hi there, I also got the same like you. May I know, is your vagina turn yellow? Will the yellow color disappear??


Yes it turns yellow because of the cur cumin powder! Don't worry it will fade in a day or two after you'd top the treatment lol.. I was like woahhh too just make sure to wear old underwear that you don't mind getting dirty and pads!


Hi there, I had one didn't go away like your external, I want try your method, how long do you leave the paste on each night?


I put it on before I went to bed and washed it off in the morning


Hi there, it was great team together, I didn't go through lots of pain and quickly enough my last one is gone, I feel such a relief, healing now. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


How do u take it out in the morning? Doesn't it get stuck since there is nothing like a thread to pull on for it to pop out. Please explain :) and thank you so much for sharing these tips.


If you are talking about the curcumin and coconut oil mix, once you take it out the freezer and insert into your hole it will begin to melt. You don't need to take it out, push it as far up as you can and just be warned it will take aost a week for all of it to come fully out. So make sure to wear undies you don't mind messing upand wear a pad! Hope this helps and I'm happy to hear my tips are helping others!!


Ive been doing this for 3 days and still get itchiness. A lot less than before. The swallen is less and also the redness on my lips. Although i dont see them to 'fell off' how does that happen?how does that look like. Do they dry out or just as fleshy as they are they come off. Tonite im.using a garlic w/tree oil... Burns & its very itchy. misserable. Have a Dr's app till tuesday. But I dont like to take drugs. And i know.for.sure she will tell me not to do the home remedies... I just want to know how long is this going to take? should I justgo on and take the drugs or should I just be patiente and wait till thank you so much for your help. You have NO.IDEA how thankful I feel for this.


I'm so proud of people finding natural treatments. More need to realize that this is conventional it's been around much longer than the drugs. They are not the answer they are the problem.


I tried the acv as well as the paste but it burns like crazy. Does the curcumin mix do that as well?

My issue isn't so concentrated, the warts are pretty much everywhere and they look more like red bumps than anything else. Any ideas on what to do to avoid burning?

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