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Omg!!! Thank u guys for giving me some hope with all your posts ..I am literally in so much pain right now and im cryinf as I type this (dont know if im crying from pain or the hope u guys have given me) but the fact is that I can not wait to try your remedies ...I know I had obe of these thing like 10 years back in my buttock fold and it was just a HORRIBLE experience when I went to the doctor .IT WAS SO PAINFUL!!!!! I cried when I found out I had another one and started looking just to avoid going to ER ....thank god I can across this site ....I shall try this today and follow up...jope I have great outcome like most of u have...wish me luck pls ;)

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Did u try the Colgate? N did it work?


you have to try this,,,so real it works!!! carnation milk ,warm it in microwave 30 seconds put a piece of bread in it,put it on the sore spot ,it will bring it to a breaking point,or if it did break will pull out the infection,,,,AMAZING !!


I have a big abscesses on my wrist and it hurts like heck I dont want to go to the Dr I can't afford it. Ive been putting antibiotic ointment on it and putting guaze on it but it hasn't drained.I'm in so much pain bc its by my bone and when I took the gauze off this morning and where its swollen and my skin has stretched its pilling the first layer of skin off and there is 2 black spots with blood like scabs underneath my skin someone pls comment back and tell me what to do I'm hurting so bad I can't sleep or anything. IM MISERABLE. I've been taking antibiotics to

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