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Suffer from bv for a very long time. I have found using a probotic that is specificaly use for female parts ie; pro B but I use a gerneric brand thats similar and less expensive from CVS. I insert every other day. I rinse with peroxide as needed doing the week and after intercourse keeps it at bay. I insert the probotice in the vaginal area instead of orally. I use to do this but it seems not to work for me very well so I decided to insert it. I also, take vitimin C, prenatal vitimin and MSM vitimin daily. I have seen quick results in a matter of a hour. This is something that works for my body and it keeps it simple. This is something I know I will have to keep as a regular routine for me. I dont think there is a cure for BV, but I do know its something that has to be maintain on a daily basis.

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I have learned that BV is mostly hormone, nutrient and diet-based. There is a cure, but it involves lifestyle modifications. Most women have a mild, temporary case of BV before their cycle begins, but it's so mild it usually goes completely unnoticed. Then there are those of us who are rather unlucky and fight with it over and over. I learned that when you have a diet higher in carbs and lack nutrients that allow you to absorb Vitamin C, you are much more susceptible to BV and recurrences. That's because of something called leaky gut (which is fixable through diet and supplementation) and nutrient deficiency. Try to add B Complex to your regimen. It's
Good you take Folic Acid and C. But I recently learned you can insert a Vitamin C pill with Rose Hips (like $5 for a bottle of 100) vaginally and rid yourself of BV while restoring the proper pH in aa fast as overnight. As for diet, a Paleo diet will usually stop BV for good.

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