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Cracked finger tips HEALED by using probiotics.

I had cracked/bleeding fingers and scaly hands. I went to 6 dermatologists who didn't have a clue, but shotguned the problem with topicals.

THEN, someone told me to eat Rosoff's Sauerkraut. Healed my fingers & hands. Used it for about 6 months, but the taste was very strong and had to drive a distance to buy it.

I tried probiotics, also with great results. Now I take 2-3 pills/day (about 32 billion dosage) and have NO problems!!! Yep, sounds too good to be true, but trust me, IT WORKS! I hear some probiotics are better than others, don't know, but I have used 2 different ones and they both work fine. A friend told me the Raw Probiotics by Garden of Life are the best, so I stick with those.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and try probiotics and reduce sugar intake. I bet you will be thrilled with the results!!!!!!

God Bess,

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I suffered for four years with this exact fingers split in the corners around my finger nails and occasionally I would have splitting across the knuckles, but the fingertips splitting was the most painful part.. It was mainly the pointer finger, thumb and middle finger.. A dermatologist told me that it was contact dermatitis and prescribed fluocinonide ointment. That didn't really work and so I spent a fortune on expensive creams and treatments, bought a parafin wax spa, slept with aquaphor and gloves, tried keeping my hands out of water as much as possible but still the problem raged on every winter.. Until I read somewhere that this is actually a type of athletes foot that has spread to the hand.. I went on Amazon and bought a small tube of 'Lamisil Once' for about $30.. I had a bath and then carefully rubbed it in all over both hands being careful to work it under the nails, then put on gloves and kept them on for 24 hours straight (-easier said than done) it was worth the effort.. My problem was completely and permanently solved! 100% cured for life! I would like to let that Dermatologist know how much suffering he could have spared me if he had diagnosed this issue correctly four years ago! I'm so happy that I don't have to deal with this issue ever again! Hallelujah!!! P.s-I agree about the wonders of probiotics! I've been taking them for three years and will never go without them again.


Thank you so much Roy for your post. I had suffered with cracking fingertips for years and just wrote it off to being in the medical field. After trying 7 different types of hand creams, decided to search for other ideas. Came across your idea about probiotics. Since I still had half a bottle of probiotic acidophilus capsules in the cabinet, decided to give your idea a try. WOW! In 24 hours the cracking had stopped and 2 days later my fingers are all healed up. Wish I had known this 8 years ago, but will definitely pass the word on. Thanks again.


Crazy how ive been craving saurkraut since my fingers started cracking so bad they bles. Thanks!


I appreciate the posts. My right thumb, index & middle fingers are so painful! I can't do laundry or dishes. I will follow your advice about probiotics and Lamisil Once in the morning! Tonight I will use what I have - Vasoline and cotton socks on my hands. Thank you!

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