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I have had angular cheilitis off and on again now for two years (I get a bout of it probably every 6 months or so and it would last for about two or three weeks). What I finally found to cure it: I wash with the Orange antibacterial hand soap,then pat dry the area, then I mix a dab of monistat cream and a dab of generic brand lontrimin cream on my fingertip and dab on the corner of my mouth. By the third day it is completely healed and just has the red area which hopefully by tomorrow will be gone! The active ingredients for the creams are clotrimazole and miconazel nytrate which I kept running across as suggestions to try when I was searching for how to treat this. I usually know when I am going to get another bout of A/C because my lips tend to feel weird and sort of itchy a few days before hand. I think next time I feel it coming on I will try my mix and see if I can prevent it from cracking at all.

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How many times per day do you apply this combination?

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