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Okay honey works the throb is still there but the pain is eased .

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I tried everything on here after I burned my fingers on a hot pan. I decided to combine a few things and thank God it helped!

1) soak burn in a 50/50 solution of Apple cider vinegar and cold water for several minutes. Should feel instant relief.

2) make a salve out of honey and add tea tree oil and lavender oil.

3) coat burn with aloe Vera, apply the honey salve and wrap in sterile gauze.

It will most likely still burn like a crazy bitch for a few minutes but the pain subsides dramatically. Resist the urge to put ice on it after you wrap the gauze. I did to stop the pain but every time I took the ice off I was miserable. Just trust in the honey salve and go through the pain for 5 minutes and it will be worth it when it doesn't hurt EVER AGAIN!

Oh and hold the burn above your heart. People say grabbing your ear lobe stops the pain, as if it's magic. It's not magic you idiots, you have lifted your hand above your heart so you no longer have blood rushing down which increases the swell and throbbing pain.

Good luck!

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