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Happy BF, Happy GF

For severe tooth ache Sensodine & Chloraseptic Max worked for us. My BF had ongoing tooth ache (back upper molar) for a week but the dentist couldn't find the source so he was referred to a specialist and haven't even gotten the chance to make an appointment. This morning the pain intensified to tears. I ran to the pharmacy and picked up several items listed on this site since we don't know of the source. I figured something had to work! So first he brushed the tooth that hurt with Sensodine then I applied Chloraseptic Max directly to the specific area, tooth, surrounding teeth and gum line. I was going to apply Dentemp next but he was good after the Chloraseptic -INSTANT relief! Sleeping like a baby now. Thank you for posting your remedies :)

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Thank you i have much pain in my left bottom moller and this really worked in the 5 mins. :)

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