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this is the remedy which for sure works. i have used this face pack and i am using it on daily basis.

neem leaves
gramflour (basan)

grind neem leaves with water to a thin consistancy. take two tasp. of it and mix with gram flour to make a thick paste apply it on your face and neck and leave for five min. then massage your face, again for five min. rinse off. apply any moisturising cream. you will feel the difference in three days and keep using it daily instead of soap and you will have smooth dotless, soft and clean skin.

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whats wrong with people and their disgusting comments. stay on topic the person that posted this r u indian?


u bloody ppl stop discussng fishy non-sense! and dont irritate the one's who are browsing this site!

neem leaves paste do work for pimples and they even work for backne(acne on ur back)...

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