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I am experiencing my first outbreak it has been hell..I've taken the eperson salt baths with apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide it works it busts the blisters and I apply gold bond powder. Its really hard dealing with GH because I am only 17 years old and have 1 yr. old.. Its really hard not to be stressed and I feel like I'm on the edge of a complete breakdown..I haven't told anyone and have decided to abstain from any sexual activity..if anyone knows a way to keep the outbreaks from happening and keep the genital area dry please let me know..

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I contracted it 9 years ago, I had extreme outbreaks at first,I would cry in pain from them every time, had to pee in a bathtub just to almost handle the pain in the beginning. Saying it won't go dormant ins't always the case. I have not had an outbreak in years. The most i get is a few symptoms if I am ill with a cold or something that has weakened my immune system, but not even always then. i took valtrex off and on for about 5 of those years, breaking up a year or so sometimes in between. I have been drug free for 4 years now, and I exercise, eat foods that are rich in lysine, and for the most part my body has developed enough to fight it off. I've never spread it to date, every person I've told I just keep very open about the situation and share that the risk is there and it's up to them what they feel comfortable. So far no one has ever even cared that i have it, i have always been the only one in the relationship who ever got upset or had a problem with it.


I have had GH for 20 years. In the beginning I felt miserable about the situation. Just the thought of something in me, that I could not get rid of freaked me out. Not to mention the fact, I believe my girlfriend gave it to me but blamed me. Since then, I can count on my hands he the number of times I have broken out. I stay calm because stress, weakens the body defense. Which is why I try to stay in proper health. I do not take any pills. I try to keep my groin nice and cool, with the aid of baby powder at times. If I do breakout, I just use Neosporin or something like it. I now have a wife and kids. So you can still have a wonderful life with it. Just make sure you stay positive and be truthful with potential partners. I found that in the beginning it forced me too be very choosy of who I be with because I didn't want just anyone to know.


This site has been very helpful. I am having my first OB & am extremely nervous to tell my new bf. Heck I dunno, maybe he's the one he gave it to me since I don't recall having any issues prior. I am using the apple cider vinegar & tea tree oil. Will be going to get some Lysine & vitamins today!

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