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I am experiencing my first outbreak it has been hell..I've taken the eperson salt baths with apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide it works it busts the blisters and I apply gold bond powder. Its really hard dealing with GH because I am only 17 years old and have 1 yr. old.. Its really hard not to be stressed and I feel like I'm on the edge of a complete breakdown..I haven't told anyone and have decided to abstain from any sexual activity..if anyone knows a way to keep the outbreaks from happening and keep the genital area dry please let me know..

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Just be strong....I'm 17 too and I was diagnosed with genital herpies last month and my first out break was HELL I went to the emergency room and they gave me lots of pills to take and im having an out break right now it's itching like hell but idk what to put on it im in a relationship and my boyfriend just got tested but he doesn't find out until Tuesday but it's stressing and depressing cause I feel like my sex life is over but I pray and go to church and im working on building my immune system so the outbreaks can be shorter. just talk to your doctor about the best treatments. It's also hard because my boyfriend is the only one that knows about my herpes


Hello, I have had it since I was 16 and I am 20 now. It has been hard for me, but life moves on I promise. This current year I have had several outbreaks. I have been trying to find a way to keep it dormant. You have to keep a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy is key. Also take 50g of zinc 3 times a day and 1000g of vitamin C and when you keep pumping it into your body, it is possible for the virus to go away.


Sorry to say there is nothing that will make it dormant, i promise after the first two or three times of an outbreak you wont notice it any more. You'll always know you'll have it but it wont be as bad as the first initial outbreak and everyone is different. I was diagnosed in 99' and since then i've had maybe 3 or 4 outbreaks total. I do stress alot i do smoke no i dont drink and i dont have any kids (right now). But during an outbreak just keep the area clean no sexual intercourse prevent from spreading anymore and warm showers or baths help with the pain during a blister. Helpful TIP, if you have to pee while during an outbreak which will happen, use the toilet tissue roll by your private area to keep pee from dripping into the blisters.


I was diagnosed with genital herpes when i was 16. I was so disappointed in my self and felt that no one would want me. When I was diagnosed, i had the sores for 3 days and went to the imidiate care, they didnt even run tests, the dr looked at me and told me ' Hunny, im sorry to say but this is Genital Herpes and this will effect your life forever'. I was also a mother already, and shr told me if i get pregnant it will effect the fetus. So ive been scared to have another one. Ive had herpes for little over 2 years now and the only thing it effects is having sex without a condom. I tell my sex partners before doing anything, and the minute i feel burning peeing i dont have sex for 2 weeks, that way it doesnt spread. I get a viral vaginal cream and i apply it to the sores. Ive had 2 outbreaks this whole year. The first year is tough, but after a year you trnd to forget you have it. I also use dial bar soap (orange) to wash there every time I bathe and it helps it.


I'm 17 and have gh as well thank you guys for coming on here and showing support it helps to know your not alone and as much as it seems like having herpes will limit my future I know a lot of people are living with it and its good to know theres things I can do to treat it so I won't be tied to over the counter drugs


Hi, I am reading this to find extra remedies myself.
I like to see what others are doing and what works best. I am 28, I got diagnosed when I was 19! I know what you are going through. It does get better and the shame subsides! I promise! Your sex life is still good, the only change is telling your potential sexual partner and practising safe sex always, unless your partner is willing to take the risk. This is the hard part but most times I have told my partners they understand and don't mind. Those that do mind don't matter and just want a shag anyway I have had two long term boyfriends since I was diagnosed and both we're mature about it. My partner aNd I are coming up to our 4 year anniversary and he has never contracted it. Trust me 1 in 4 of us deal with it! Painful at first but the reality is it's stigmatised! Life is good! And you will get to this point too! You are not alone :)


I had my first outbreak last September. It last for 10 days.. I was so scared since it is rare in my country. I'm so shy to go to hospital at first. I just Google it any infos that may help me. And yes, I did manage home treatment. Get lysine over the drugs counter or they call it pharmacy over here. Grab a aloe vera gel. It really works especially on small blisters. For the bigger blisters, it will shrink after a day or 2.
Try to avoid sexual intercourse during outbreak.. Now I'm having 2nd outbreak bit far lesser than the first one and its manageable.
Dont be scared. I understand how messy it is when you keep thinking about it. And trust me you Dont hv to feel shy about it.
Do not stress, eat healthy food only and yeah enough sleep.. I think I'm too stress and lack of sleeping hours leads ke to this 2nd outbreak. Again its manageable.


It's ok believe me. Small things to a giant, you will get through this but try drinking milk when you feel an outbreak trying to form or just drink 1-2 glasses of milk a day. The lysine in milk helps to filter you're body of the virus when an outbreak erupts. Soy milk is very good as well. Keep your head up though and ask God to heal you, he will do it.


I'm 18 pregnant and have a 16 month old and found out today i have gh.... At first the doctors were like it's a yeast infection and told me take monistat it wasn't working i was burning and itching, my boyfriend bought me feminine anti itch cream it burned sooo bad it helped a tiny bit at first then my body became immune to it. After i tried that i tried diaper rash cream i thought it was helping but yet again body became immune to it. I tried ice on it to soothe the pain and itch it helped for a day then i tried to do it again and it stung i been suffering for about 4 days and cried every night lost sleep till i got my dad to take me to hospital, they tested my urine and said i had a urinary tract infection then the nurse glanced at my vagina and said you have a yeast infection..... She didn't really take a look at it. Then my obgyn appointment today i told my dr i think my boyfriend gave me herpes and she looked at it and said it is and took a culture of it.... They prescribed me pills to take twice a day for ten days and a jelly to numb the blistered spots. Having gh is something i never thought would happen to me but at least now i have actual relief for it... It been upsetting me to know i have it but upsets my boyfriend more because he didn't even know he had it..... But seeing how everyone takes it so well kinda helps me think it'll be okay...


I was Diagnosed with GH yesterday. Infected 3-4 days ago. It literally feels like hell. I have blisters everywhere. My vag won't stop leaking discharge. I can't urinate with out it burning. So I recomend drinking lots of water to keep your urine diluted. I have blisters on my anus. So I can't pass stool without crying. I'm on meds twice a day for ten days. Just wish it would clear up faster I Dont know how much more pain I can take.

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