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Relieved GF

My boyfriend was in so much pain from a toothache he was literally ready to take some pliers and pull the tooth out himself. I then started looking up ideas on how to help him. I came across this site and started reading. What helped him the best was to suck on cough drops on the side that hurt. It really worked! Hope this helps someone else.

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Wow its really working I was almost in tears my pain was a9 out of 10 I got my cough drop honey kind n now my pain is like a 4 1/2 not bad ty for posting this idea god bless.


Just inserted one in my mouth. Will update shortly lol *crosses fingers*


i tried it thanks so much... i have been fighting a 9 out of 10 toothache for nights now and nothing works but this did no pain now thanks


Cough drops are full of sugar. I don't understand how cough drops are a stopping the pain, because i am taking some for my cold, but it's the very reason why I'm on here looking for a way to stop the toothache I've gotten from cough drops. This is ironic. Confused...😕


C try the clover oil trick dude it will work each packing last up to 24hours if you haven't a hole just rub oil on an around gums its a fix till you finally have to get it out ,,,They have free dental all over the world just google it you will awe good luck


So any cough drops can work for these tooth pain
It's actually working how long well it take for the pain to go away after sucking on the cough drop


I'm 23weeks pregnant I crack my wisdom tooth and the pain has gotten worst I could not sleep that's how bad it was and I just tried the cough drop my tooth stop hurting. I can't get my tooth pulled until atfer I have this baby.


Omg i just had the worse toothache in the world i was crying n everything then i tried the cough drop remedy n it actually worked i never thought it would amazing my toothaches completly gone


I've just placed a locket on the side of my mouth that hurts fingers crossed

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