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I have been trying to study for my test, but the tooth pain was too much to stay focused. I gargled warm salt water and also tried salt, pepper, and water, but for some reason, it made it worse. I was almost in tears for the past hour. So painful that I would pull out this tooth if I could. I read some of your responses and decided to try garlic and thank God!!!!! I crushed half of a clove and applied it directly on my tooth. I started feeling better within a minute. I'm writing this review with garlic in my mouth. Many websites say leave it on for at least 30 minutes. The ache is nothing compared to how I was feeling just 30 minutes ago. Please give garlic a try. GARLIC GARLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can study for my stinky test.

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Garlic powder


Thank you so much for this recommendation I was sitting here in serious pain looking for anything that could help take the pain away I saw your post and went and chewed on some garlic where the pain was the relief was nearly instant!!


Thank you thank you thank you! I thought I would go insanity with the pain. The whole side of my face hurt. I applied garlic and it eased immediately. Have to reapply shortly after but it works :)


AMEN for garlic!!!!!!

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