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I have been trying to study for my test, but the tooth pain was too much to stay focused. I gargled warm salt water and also tried salt, pepper, and water, but for some reason, it made it worse. I was almost in tears for the past hour. So painful that I would pull out this tooth if I could. I read some of your responses and decided to try garlic and thank God!!!!! I crushed half of a clove and applied it directly on my tooth. I started feeling better within a minute. I'm writing this review with garlic in my mouth. Many websites say leave it on for at least 30 minutes. The ache is nothing compared to how I was feeling just 30 minutes ago. Please give garlic a try. GARLIC GARLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can study for my stinky test.

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Thank you so much for the garlic recommendation!!


thank you for posting your remedy - it also worked for my husband. today he suffered the whole day with the pain. now applied garlic and the pain is gone..


Thank so much for ur remedy it also work for me now.God I thank u.


Not even 30 minutes and I'm feeling the difference. Thank you so much for sharing this remedy.

lanz's 130 in the morning and this has worked...Thank goodness thank you for posting people! I chewed the garlic like gum it was painful and it's only been 1min and I'm feeling better.


Thanks garlc haz helpd me 2 jst nw.


Is it warm garlic or cold garlic


Thank you so much. I lost two fillings and was in serious pain. I bit off a piece and packed it into the holes in my teeth and .... RELIEF. Thank you!


Tried it and it's working thank you


Wow amazing 2.46 am and finally the throbbing gone thank you so much garlic garlic !!!! It is

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