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I just got diagnosed with herpes type 2 and clamydia last month and I had it very badly for a whole week and I had these huge swelling warts on the outside walls of my vag that burned very badly and itches and sting when I used the bathroom. I had to use rubber gloves every time i peed because I had to open up my vagina so that the pee wouldn't get on any of the bumps but I went to the hospital they gave me a shit in my thigh which got rid of the clamydia so im cured from that unless I get it again and they prescribed me with valacyclovir, sulfamethoxazole, and metronidazole. The second one I only had to take 2 times a day for 3 days and after that the pain started going away. my soreness in my lower back disappeared and the two swollen knots on the sides of my pelvis we're going down(they get swollen whenever there's an infection down there). Aqua for actually helped south it and stop the itching and dryness you can get this at Walmart I also have really bad eczema which it also helps for that too. I tried putting jock itch down there which kinda helped but I also tried double antibiotic cream which was really shitty and triggered and itch. I had to take 2 valacyclovir pills every 12 hours for 12 days and 1 metranidazole pill every 12 hours for 7 days. after all that was over I started feeling way better and I couldn't have sex for 2 weeks. my vag was temporary back to 'normal' and then I came on my period the Thursday before Halloween. I just came off the beginning of this week and my and my boyfriend had sex on Wednesday. we used a condom of course but it caused so much dryness down there and when it rubbed the bottom of my vagina it started to hurt so we stopped and later that night it was a rip again at the bottom of my vag like it was when I had my first OB. I went home and got a mirror and looked down there and it wasn't hurting or anything when I touched it like it was when I had my first OB but I put a cold rag down there and washed up with baby shampoo. this is also good to use when bathing or showering because it doesn't burn or sting and it leaves it smelling fresh like babies and soon as I got out i patted it so that it could still be a little moist then I applied aquafor on it so that it could absorb the moisture. it is now Saturday November 8th and im going to contact my doctor sometime Sunday or Monday. I'm taking vitamins to build my immune system and I've been trying to maintain my emotions to prevent OB's because my stress and depression and anger levels have been up the top lately and I've been hella emotional. Sometimes I smoke marijuana to calm and relax my nerves which really helps and also I drink tea with honey and not too much sugar and get lots of rest. You're welcomw I hope this actually helped you guys and I still can't believe I been diagnosed with this because im only a senior in high school and everything happened so fast but just PRAY every morning and keep a smile on your face. Don't let this bring you down and destroy you cause that's what it wants us to do !!!

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Praying will not help your herpes or anything else in your life. Spend your time and energy on something that actually works because god isn't real.

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