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Hello I recently have been doing research and came across a 'cure' for both type of herpes. It's called HVS herpes eraser with Christine bueler. I was just wandering is there anyone on her, who has tried it, can confirm there experience. Please let me know thank you

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Do you know anyone who has tried it? and how we can get in touch with her? Because we NEED a cure for this !


I was diagnosed with genital herpes over 20 years ago. I have frequent outbreaks and was first prescribed acyclovir. I immediately began to vomit and had hives all over. Over the years the doctors have prescribed low doses of valcyclovir, famcyclovir, valacyclovir, etc. They all make me sick. For years I just suffered through outbreaks in silence. I recently underwent treatment for Hep C, which for some reason caused several outbreaks at a time. I started looking for natural remedies since I can't take the prescribed remedies. I found a product called Surivon which immediately took the soreness and sting out of the sores. I apply it with a q-tip and can't recommend this enough. It's all natural and can safely be applied to the genitals. The company that makes it told me they are planning to come out with a lip balm for oral herpes outbreaks as well. I wish I had found it years ago as it truly works.

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