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I am 22 have had bouts of recurrent bv for a few years now. I am almost positive that my bv is triggered by not peeing directly after sex. (Even if you're tired always do it ladies haha) I have taken flagyl twice and it worked both times, but only for a short period. So frustrating. This time I looked for a more natural cure, as I believe the flagyl upset the balance of bacteria even more. After only a few days of my new treatment, my symptoms are gone.

This is what worked for me:
-Probiotics. I have been taking 3-4 Accuflora brand probiotics orally each day. This helps get the good bacteria back into your system and calm down the upset balance in your vagina.
-Vitamin C. I have been using vitamin C tablets as a vaginal suppository. Before bed I just insert one tablet and let it do its work while I sleep. I have also been taking vitamin C orally in the form of emergen-c powder supplements. I usually drink one or two packets a day in a bottle of water.

Within 1-2 days the odor and uncomfortable discharge were gone.

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What color was your discharge if I may ask?


I've been using vitamin C and probiotics as suppositories. The BV seemed to have gone away and now I feel like I have a yeast infection! Did you have any of these symptoms?

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