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I have recently suffered from vertigo for three days now the first day it started that night I had become very dizzy and when I would lie down it would get worse and I had to vomit it was not fun I went to the ER and they told me it was an inner eat infection and caused me to have vertigo so they prescribed me meclizine which I didn't take at all because the next day I didn't feel dizzy anymore but if I would move around I then began to feel as if I had motion sickness and if I moved too fast dizziness would come back and I would vomit but that didn't happen I just felt woozy like so I layed down and then I felt better but once I would move or get up I would feel like a cloudy head spin or headache it really felt like sinus I could barely describe the feeling but it definitely had me on my toes so I chose to lie down the rest of the day and the next day I felt woozy again and I just didn't feel normal at all but I did take a cap full of promethazine that I had from previous doctor and I read that it helped with verttgo not really sure what it did but I felt okay after hours but I was still somewhat out of my mind and like motion sickness could hit me at anytime but I continued about my day and then HERE GOES NOTHING MY GRANDMA WAS COOKING SONE MUSTARD GREENS AND TOLD ME EAT THEM AND THEY WOULD DO ME SOME GOOD! Guess what I ate the greens and felt Better maybe hours later I was normal again !! Vertigo is no joke and I'll be sure to eat better for now on so if your having this problem and still feel weak and cloudy headed after the dizziness and vomitting try some Mustard greens they really helped me!

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Anonymous need to learn what periods are.


are you talkin bout the leaves for mustard plants wat do u do just boil leaves n eat it any help would be great



It all started like 2months with headache and Migraine like symptoms, imbalance, dizziness and nausea feeling. Did ct scan, report came out normal, lately feels better with headache but now it's eyes pain, cheek pain, ear pain teeth pain and behind my head muscle pain. Can some1 pls help me out, ccos have seen a neurologist, ophthalmologist to no avail.

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