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I had toothache really bad it was my jaws ears didn't sleep for 2 days running i thought id try a remedy my dentist recommended, a table spoon of black pepper the fine stuff and a tablespoon of salt fine again and a teaspoon of water mix it into a paste wash your hands and apply where the pain is coming from with your finger tip and leave it there as long as you can at first it seems like its burning after 5 mins the toothache will go trust me this works maybe not for everyone but try it good luck

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Thank you!! The peroxide and salt water just wasn't working... So i tried this because i did not have a glaric clove!!!


Thank you! I was having the same problem, tooth pain that went to my jaw and ears. Tried just about everything. This mixture is actually working as I type this. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.


Howlong do u keep it in


Doesn't taste great but I found the pain reducing immediately, thanks so much!


Thank u....May God continue to bless u. I felt better soon as I got the paste on my tooth. THANK U..THANK U.


It doas not work

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