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I've had chronic urticaria for 2 months now, and initially when it first started back in September it was terrible I was covered from head to toe in itchy welts and my eyes and arms swelled up with severe joint pains. I was taking up to 3 fexofenadine 180mg a day and then I was on a course of steroids for 5 days which helped for one day and then made the hives worse! Eventually I put myself on a strict diet eliminating all junk and fat foods along with drinking plenty of water everyday plus carrying on with my fexofenadine, and it all eventually cleared up. Now I suspect this was not from any allergies as nothing had changed, but I was increasingly stressed as I am a recent graduate looking for my dream job, of which these hives have made it very difficult for me to chase that. Now I still get a couple of hives on my feet and on my leg but they are not itchy and my body still gets very hot at night, and this bothers me a lot! I am struggling to find a cause to my hives, I went to see an immunologist who was useless and guessed it was pressure and heat urticaria and prescribed me Montelukast and loretadine which worked wonders for the first 2 days I was clear! But then a couple of hives would creep back after so I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow to see what alternative there could be, but doctors don't seem to worry about this condition because it is 'so common' but I and many other people I know have become extremely depressed from hives.

I'm thinking my hives are what some may call 'healing hives' as I only get a few, but I am wondering if anyone knows any effective remedies for hives like this or is in a similar position? Any insight would be incredibly helpful!

I really wish everyone the best of luck in getting rid of these evil things it has honestly turned my life upside down in a very quick space of time, we can only hope for the best. x

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