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Toothpaste definitely worked!! I showered and applied my arm in hammer toothpaste which has baking soda ( I've seen people put Colgate but I don't believe it's the only brand that works apparently) overnight and the next morning it had bust open! I had been using the black salve and antibiotics prescribed for over a week and nothing happened. Toothpaste definitely will work! Good Luck!

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Yes indeed toothpaste does work!


When it comes to dark circles under eyes it's less rdeemies as it is either genetic inevitability where some people are more prone also of course then things like lack of sleep, allergies, vitamin deficiency, diet, etc. so no matter what tricks you try it isn't going to do much unless there is a specific cause to the dark circles that you address. The only specifically herbal treatment I can think of is witch hazel not liquid but a gel like Witch gel you can find near the acne treatments. Otherwise you are looking at the old tricks of potato, cucumber or tea bags under eyes, a very good quick fix is to put tea spoons in the freezer over night and place them under your eyes in the morning.

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