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I can laugh now, but for two long days I suffered my first big boil (golf ball size) in the weirdest spot fold of buttock. It hurt so this site and took the very warm shower where concentrated on site, and bought the itchmathol (black drawing salve) covered it, went to sleep, and it was draining by morning. I will always keep this remedy in mind!!

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Ms C


I will try today, hope it works for me.
Sounds like a good Old School remedy.


Please tell me where to buy it at


I'm definitely going to try this. Went to the doctor today and she wanted to cut it open but I wanted to see if it would rupture on its own first. But, so far warm baths and compresses aren't doing anything. She gave me antibiotics but I really don't want to take them.

mrs. davis

I just bought some today for my husband i got mine from cvs pharmacy. I hope it works i hate to see him in pain.


I've been using itchthammol for the whole week but its not working at i just dont knw what to do.


Itchmathol, works but you have to apply the hot compresses

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