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I use v-freshner it works and its cheap. I drink a little everyday and I am telling you it was fast. I love home remedies but I also like remedies that I can do for myself at home!

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What is v-freshener?

Ilene P

I use the v-puff foam by VFreshner and I love it. I use it everytime I use the restroom. it makes me feel fresh throughout the day.


Wht is v freshener drink..??? N how to order can u plz share their home page link..


V-Freshner is the best product I've come across to eliminate order!!! It works 100%!!!


Vfreshner can be bought on their web site or at CVS. It's $19.99 for 10 doses, or 10 days worth. So it will cost you $60 a month. That's not cheap. I would try the pro biotics first.


I finally decided to try Vfreshner and it helped me with a horrible smell that I would get after having sex. It was weird because I washed. Then a friend let me try some of he vfresner and I was suprised that it worked fast and it didnt take alot. I ordered me a bottle

J Anderson

$60 a month is not bad. I use the VFreshner drink too and it WORKS!!! I've tried many different home remedies to balance my vaginal pH and none of them worked. This VFreshner drink is well worth $60 bucks a month.

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